64 Audio high-end en professionele A18s in-ear

64 Audio

64 Audio from Canada has released the new A18s in-ear that is suitable for both high-end and professional applications.

If you are looking for an affordable set of in-ears with good sound quality, you can stop reading here. The A18s of 64 Audio in terms of pricing is certainly not ‘budget’ to call. You have to pay €3299 (and that is a starting price) for it. Clearly not something for ‘nice to have’.

Not surprisingly so that these in-ears are used by famous artists, such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z or Bon Jovi. The new A18s are based on the equally priced and successful A18t. The A18s is also equipped with 18 balanced drivers, but according to 64 Audio, they offer a somewhat warm sound signature.

3D scan of your ear

Furthermore, the 64 Audio A18s are equipped with the in-house LID technology, where LID stands for Linear Impedance Design. According to the manufacturer, this is intended to minimize the undesirable mutual influence of the impedance between source and in-ear. Sound signature differences when using different sources should then be limited.

The A18s is custom-made in terms of manufacture; a 3D scanned ear print is used to make them fit exact. At an additional cost, they can be given a personal touch, and you can choose from a variety of colours and materials.


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