Advance Paris Playstream A5 and A7 network players

Advance Paris

The new Advance Paris Playstream A5 and A7 are actually – apart from the CD player – all in one. In short: connect speakers and listen.

It is that a CD player is missing, otherwise the new Playstream A5 and A7 would have been full all in one. On the other hand: for the current generation of music lovers, the CD player is already a relic from the past that is no longer necessary.

Both the A5 and A7 have a class AB amplifier, an FM and DAB + tuner, various analog and digital inputs and of course extensive streaming capabilities including web radio. The smallest of the two is the A5, which has an amplifier power that can deliver 2 x 80 Watt. Chips made by Wolfson and Asahi Kasei have been used here for the dac-board. The bigger brother A7 has DAC chips from only Asahi Kasei and the power amplifier provides a power of 2 x 115 watts.


Although the younger generation of music lovers, don’t ‘feel’ the cd that much, they are (in part at least) or again crazy about vinyl. Advance Paris has taken into account, because both the A5 and A7 have a phono input that supports both MM and MC elements. And to the analog feeling even a little more to amplify both Playstreams have a looky analog VU meters with a blue backlight. The Advance Paris Playstream A5 costs €989 and the A7 €1289.

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