Alpha Live Stream test withWeiss, Sonnet and Metrum Acoustics

We thought it was time for a fun, interactive test (again). Together with you – our lovely readers and viewers – we would like to compare three digital devices. Our main candidate is the fairly new Weiss DAC501 – which is a streamer, dac, pre-amp and headphone amplifier. Next to that we put the Sonnet Morpheus (together with the Ambre streamer). The Morpheus we have of course recently tested. And finally we take our reference: the Metrum Acoustics Pavane with Ambre. The Live Stream starts at 11:00 CET (Amsterdam time).

This time we are going to do the Live Stream a little different. We have set up a set of Rode TF5 microphones in ORTF setup to let you enjoy the stream in full stereo. In addition, two vocal-mics for our always useful comments ;-). Everything wired to guarantee the best quality. We hope that now all sound problems have been tackled. Next step is of course even better image.

To set up a reminder for this live stream, you can subscribe to the live stream below. We hope to see you Thursday 19 March at 11:00 CET!

The Live stream


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