Andover Audio PM-50: brand new planar headphones

Andover Audio

The new Andover Audio PM-50 is a planar and open headphone, which can be controlled by just about any device. Includes smartphones and portable music players.

A planar headphone like this new PM-50 from Andover Audio uses flat magnetic drivers that distribute the driven power over the entire surface of the diaphragm. No special control is required, the PM-50 works with all common sources: it’s all up to you.

Andover Audio is – how could it be otherwise – very enthusiastic about the newborn. They call (or praise if you like) their reference planar drivers but also the meticulous build quality as highlights.


The housing of the Andover Audio PM-50 has an open driver housing made of walnut wood. Furthermore, an ergonomic headband has been considered for wearing comfort. A double set of ear cushions is included with the purchase. The thicker version delivers a more open and ‘relaxed’ sound, while the thinner version should provide more directness and impact.

A third set of cushions will be available later this year – third quarter – with a somewhat looser fit. The impedance of the PM-50 is 32 Ohm and the frequency range is from 15 Hz to 50 kHz. Remains the price: you pay $500 for this Andover Audio.

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