Bluesound releases update with Dolby Surround and more


Bluesound has released a new update for its Powernode’s, this time Dolby surround is added for a more spacious sound.

The number of people obliged to sit at home due to Corona, is growing steadily. Your living room may start to feel a bit oppressive. That’s why the new Bluesound update comes in handy. Owners of one of the Powernode’s of that brand will have access to Dolby surround after the update. And of course, that will make your room sound a bit more voluminous again!

NAD also benefits

Bluesound 3.8 is available for the Powernode 2i (with HDMI) and the Soundbar 2i. If you link either of these devices to the TV, you can pair a set of Pulse Flex speakers to act as surround speakers. Configuration is done using the wizard in the BluOS controller. In addition to the new surround capabilities, the update also brings improvements in support for ripping MQA CDs (available on Bluesound Vault and NAD Masters M50), as well as – again for the NAD Masters M50 – playing MQA CDs.

Owners of the NAD M12 and M32 will have Apple AirPlay 2 at their disposal after the update, while the NAD Masters M10 will have a nicer front panel layout. Finally, business owners will be able to use the Qsic commercial music streaming service after the update. The update of Bluesound is already ready for you, manual updating is also possible, for the instructions you can visit this page.

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