Bryston temporarily stopped production due to corona crisis


Canadian Bryston temporarily stops production, a measure imposed by the government to try to defuse the corona crisis.

Many companies are having a hard time these days, thanks to the corona crisis. Temporary closures are the order of the day. In Canada, all companies that are ‘not essential’ have to close down. Bryston is one of those non-essential companies that has to close at least until April 8th. It means that the production of equipment will come to a standstill.

However, many of the company‘s employees will be working from home, we read in Bryston’s reports. For example, you can still simply place orders, which will be processed as usual. If a dealer has equipment in stock, you will be given the intended equipment straight home with you. Otherwise, it’s a matter of waiting until it can be shipped again.

Working from home

Furthermore, Bryston announces that the helpdesk is still functional, albeit with a slightly more compact group of employees. Also, developers – again from home – continue to work on new designs, so there’s definitely more in the pipeline. Hopefully it will soon be ‘business as usual’ for the company again. Although we fear that an extension of this ‘business quarantine’ may still be imminent. As long as COVID-19 is around and there is no vaccine, we have to be extremely careful.

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