Cambridge Audio becomes Roon Ready

Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio has also fallen for the charms of Roon. Flagship Edge NQ of the brand becomes Roon Ready and also the CXN (V2) gets that predicate.

Cambridge Audio – which has been around for 50 years now – has always adapted to the listening habits of its customers. And apparently the demand for Roon was so great that a firmware update is now available for both the Edge NQ and the CXN (V2) of this British brand.

The Edge NQ is a preamplifier with built-in streaming module. The latter is released with the house’s own Stream-Magic platform, with which you can play just about anything imaginable about network streams. The ready firmware update now adds Roon Ready capabilities.

Quick pairing without hassle

Thanks to ROON-certification for both Cambridge Audio devices mentioned, connecting to Roon (or better: a Roon server) is without any further configuration. And with this, your entire Roon collection is available directly from the device in a simple and straightforward way.

Roon is a system that is particularly popular among audiophiles. Organize, search and play your entire music collection. Ideal if you have a large collection of music files on the NAS, for example! Or of course use a Roon server with built-in storage. So good news for anyone who uses Roon and has either of these two Cambridge Audio players in house.

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