ChordOhmic Contact Fluid: Keep it clean


Chord has released a new cleaning fluid that also acts as a ‘filler’. The fluid should provide better contact between plugs and connectors.

Contact spray is something mainly known as a ‘quick-and-dirty’ solution. It works, but by the time the spray is really needed, there is usually more damage done. And with normal indoor use, contamination and corrosion of (once inserted) plugs should hardly occur. Unless you happen to have a house in a rainforest around the corner with your expensive equipment in it.

Still, Chord thinks there is cause for concern. After all, a contact surface looks like a moonscape under a microscope. Dirt particles on the contact points in this moonscape are causing less contact on the surface. Cleaning helps of course. But the new ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid goes a step further.


The ChordOhmic contact fluid not only cleans, it also works as a filler by filling the ‘valleys’ with conductive material in that already mentioned microscopic moonscape. The exact ingredients of the liquid are not mentioned by Chord (of course not, the competition is also reading). Except that these are polymers, developed by a well-known chemist and the Japanese Andante Largo. You can buy a set of two bottles and cotton buds for about €250.

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