Doepke launches audiophile earth leakage switch


The German Doepke has released the DFS Audio, an audiophile earth leakage switch available in a two- and four-pole version.

Audiophile fuses – even in the old “fuse box” – are well known among enthusiasts who just want to go a little further. An audiophile earth leakage switch, on the other hand, is something completely new. The German Doepke has released one, specially designed for a group of high quality audio components. Doepke promises that even the most sensitive ears this DFS Audio earth leakage switch will not ‘hear’. Well, unless something really goes wrong and the switch does its job: then it is very quiet in the house.


One of the foundations of the Doepke DFS Audio is the particularly low-ohmic construction of the whole. For this, solid silver terminals are used, which coupled with gold plated terminal screws to prevent oxidation. Silver plated conductors as well as high purity and low oxygen copper ensure an unhindered flow of current.

The special design of the earth leakage circuit breaker prevents unwanted inductive side effects, as reported by Doepke. The DFS Audio is available in a two-pole and a four-pole version. The leakage current at which the switch triggers is 30 mA and the maximum current the switch can handle is 63 Ampere. The two-pole version costs €498.20 and the four-pole version €699.

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