EON of JARRELAB generates infinite flow of music


JARRELAB’s iOS (and iPadOS) app EON generates an endless stream of music that is unique at every start. It sounds convincing!

Fully computer-generated music is usually extremely experimental. And sounds more like a kind of crescendo waterfall of sounds that are hard to digest. With EON by JARRELAB this is different. Possibly also because there has been a real music side to it this time, which moreover has more than earned its spurs in electronic music: Jean-Michel Jarre. EON is not a super cheap app with a price tag of just under Euro-ten. But you will definitely get something special in return.

Different for each user

First of all, a new song is played at every start of EON. This is ‘composed’ in real-time by the software. No song is the same, and on every device it sounds different. Exactly what Jarre wanted to achieve: unique music that sounds different for every listener. We also thought about the graphic side. While playing the music, moving graphic works of art are shown in the rhythm of the melody. Also computer generated. If you don’t like a song, just swipe across the screen and tap the refresh button, after which the app (internally) restarts and something completely new is played. EON is good for many hours of fun! And exceeds the quality of the average ‘generative’ app without a doubt.

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