Grimm Audio provides update for MU1

Grimm Audio

Grimm Audio has released a firmware update to version 1.1 for its MU1 musicstreamer. A series of new features now completes the device, according to the manufacturer.

The release of firmware version 1.1 for the Grimm Audio MU1 now makes this streamer ‘really mature’ according to the manufacturer. Support for DXD, DSD128 and DSD256 file formats has been added. This means that the quality of the upsampler can now also be used for other forms of up- and downsampling. Furthermore, the sound quality has been improved when using the LS1 active speaker, also made by Grimm Audio. Third-party DACs also benefit from the MU1’s clock with extremely low jitter values.

Precise volume control DACs

For the same third party DACs, after the firmware update, volume control is also available via the second digital out on the MU1, according to Grimm Audio. This control is implemented in the FPGA (a chip full of programmable logic) and guarantees an extremely high quality according to the manufacturer:

‘To find an analogue volume control with better performance is a real challenge’. You will also find practical matters in the update. Such as, for example, a standby function that is now easily and conveniently available via the player’s main menu. Another handy feature is the new ‘support mode’, where Grimm Audio technicians can remotely access the MU1 in case something goes very wrong and you have asked for help.

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