Montblanc introduces the Maison headphones


Montblanc is probably known for its fine quality stationery and leather products. The manufacturer has expanded its product portfolio with headphones; a ‘smart’ example to be precise.

Montblanc’s new headphones are called Maison (on the manufacturer’s site it has the type number MB 01). The design is comfortable to wear and the whole is made to take along on the road. The three features: slim, compact and foldable, make the Maison an excellent travel companion.

By the way, the ‘smarte’ part of these headphones is in the support of Google Assistant. Something for those who love those technologies.

Much more interesting is actually ANC function or Active Noise Cancelling. This technology ensures that you can enjoy a tune of music even in a train or plane, for example, without disturbing the environment.

Alex Rosson

That the Montblanc Maison is derived from a manufacturer known for design, may be clear. Ergonomics and appearance are clearly matters that have received a lot of attention. Sound expert Alex Rosson has focused on sound quality.

The Bluetooth headphones come with a carrying case, plus a USB-C cable, an audio cable (for when the battery is unexpectedly depleted along the way) and an airplane adapter. Montblanc’s Maison should be available worldwide starting this month. You can choose from three versions (finishes): chrome, brown leather and light grey leather. It’s not really a bargain, considering the price tag of $595 that we see dangle from it.

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