PSB Speakers presents new subwoofers

PSB Speakers

Canadian PSB Speakers have announced new subwoofers in the Alpha series, giving you extra bass in the room.

If you are looking for a more solid bass in your listening room, a subwoofer is a possible option. PSB Speakers has released two new ones especially for that purpose: the Alpha S10 and the Alpha S8. According to the manufacturer, a lot of attention has been paid to the development of the crossover filter. And that in turn should ensure an excellent match with the speakers, creating a uniform and transparent sound image.

Another important objective that PSB Speakers set itself when developing both subs is the prevention of ‘port noise’. Either the ‘breathing’ sound that a bass reflex port produces when the driver pumps air out or sucks it in. The S10 and S8 have a bass-reflex pipe on the back that doesn’t have to make that annoying background noise.

Larger or smaller, the choice is yours

Both the PSB Speakers S10 and S8 are equipped with a 150 Watt RMS amplifier (maximum available power 210 Watt). Coupled with specialized long-throw drivers and housings that – thanks in part to the already mentioned bass reflex pipe – can resproduce the lowest frequencies with ease.

The S10 has a larger housing than the S8 and therefore also has a frequency range that is even lower. The Alpha S10 costs €599 and the S8 €499.

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