RecordingTheMasters wants to breathe new life into ‘Walkman’


RecordingTheMasters has conceived the plan to bring out the old portable cassette player (aka ‘Walkman’). Well, in a modern jacket of course. It is cool to listen to tapes, retro style!

Hipsters and other more or less youngsters have discovered a new retro toy: the cassette. After the vinyl tree, the cassette seems to become the new craze among them. Why? Well, perhaps a penchant for the more dull past of parents and grandparents? Or just to have ‘tangible’ music in their hands? In any case, it will be a retro experience pur sang, if we take a look at the specs of the player RecordingTheMasters is aiming for.

For example, the frequency range runs from 100 kHz to 10 kHz, which makes for an old-fashioned sound. We don’t see Dolby mentioned anywhere, while there are hardly any new (especially the latter) Chrome tapes to be found. Retro-noise will be part of the experience as well. However, the player can also record, so you can make your own classic mixtapes for example. We also see Bluetooth, so that a modern wireless headphone can be used.


For now, the Mystik – as the cassette player of RecordingTheMasters is officially called – is planned as an upcoming Kickstarter project, but the chances are quite high that the player will make it. Especially considering the retro craziness mentioned above.

Furthermore, RecordingTheMasters earns its money by producing tapes and cassettes, so a player for that is also quite practical. Anyway – lover of retro or not – such a device is also practical to listen back to old, unique recordings. And if necessary, it can be digitized directly via a PC, smartphone or tablet.

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