Sonos S2 operating system scheduled for June


In the newsletter of Your Hifi Choice we read that Sonos wants to roll out a new operating system for its smart speakers (S2) in June.

Sonos will release the new S2 operating system in June. As the name suggests, it is only intended for the new S2 series. Don’t be afraid: the old versions of the OS (and therefore the speakers on which it runs) will continue to be provided with security updates. It was a bit exciting a while back, because at first Sonos did not (or not very clearly) intended to do that. After a lot of criticism, the safety patches (and bugfixes!) will keep on coming. But, do not expect new features for old Sonos players. Many users don’t see this as a big problem.

Trade-in campaign

Would you like to have all those new features on your Sonos speaker, including the new planned OS? Then Your Hifi Choice (which announced the Sonos update in its most recent newsletter) has a nice trade-in action: ‘Trade in S1 products for S2 products at our shop and receive up to 30% discount as part of the Trade Up program.’ Always good to know of course! Because of the corona virus, these are also strange times at Your Hifi Choice. We can read in their latest newsletter: ‘What we have noticed in the shop so far is a decrease in (quick) visitors, the phone is ringing a third of normal. A number of installations have been suspended or are planned later this year.’ Meanwhile, all kinds of alternative scenarios are being considered in order to give (potential) customers the opportunity to discover (new) products. Creativity within (more) limited possibilities are currently their key words.

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