Vimberg presents compact AMEA speaker


The German Vimberg has a new, compact speaker added to its range: the AMEA. Where Vimberg is also a sub-brand of TIDAL Audio.

To get one thing directly out of the way: TIDAL Audio has nothing to do with the music service Tidal. In this case, TIDAL is a German high-end manufacturer with electronics and speakers in the product range. One of the successes there is the Tonda, intended to give a wider audience access to their technology. That compact Tonda – now also five years ‘old’ – was somewhat ‘more favorable’ priced than the other speakers in the range. And because such a ‘budget’ speaker actually was somewhat out of tune with the rest of the speakers, the brand Vimberg was created. Where the Tonda fits a lot better. Just like the new AMEA.

Ceramic or diamond

Now the Vimberg Tonda may be a bit smaller than the regular models of TIDAL Audio, you cannot really call it compact. Hence the AMEA is now released. This is a 2-way ‘bookshelf’ speaker that you put nicely on a tripod. In terms of tweeter you choose from a standard ceramic tweeter, or – in the D-version – for an Accuton Cell diamond tweeter (upgrading afterwards is also possible). The midrange is a ceramic one as standard. The 21 kg speaker is available in various colours, and you pay (from) €10,900 per pair for it.


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