VPI Vanquish, if you have any money and space left..


If you are looking for a record player that will definitely impress your visitors at home, take a look at the VPI Vanquish. At least: we would be impressed.

If you are charmed by vinyl, but you find the average turntable something ordinary, then there is hope. You have to be prepared to order a device in the country where everything is bigger: the US. At VPI Industries you will soon find the Vanquish turntable. It is large, very large as you can see in the picture above – taken from the VPI Facebook page. It is not really cheap either. You have to pay $150,000 for it, but a grumbler who pays attention to that.

Three tone arms

The VPI Vanquish is based on an earlier manufacturer-released exotic, designed by VPI founder Harry Weisfield. The turntable uses magnetic direct drive technology as used in the VPI HW-40. You can mount up to three tone arms of any length, regardless of brand and type.

The VPI Fatboy is supplied as standard, and you can choose between a UNI or gimbal bearing. Nordost cables are hidden inside this arm and directly connected to the phono preamplifier. That phono preamp is based on the existing Voyager Phono from VPI, which visually is a perfect match and is placed on the lower floor of the tower. Originally the Vanquish was planned as a European first for High End Munich, but because of COVID (the well known Coronavirus) it will not go through this year. It will probably just appear in the various shops in the near future.

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