Yamaha and MusicCast Surround: listening throughout the house


Yamaha’s own multi-room system MusicCast makes it possible to have music reverberate throughout the house and create speaker groups.

Yamaha’s MusicCast system has quite an interesting feature set. Not only does it connect the various soundbars, receivers, streaming speakers (and more) of the brand, it goes further. Record players and even Yamaha’s digital pianos can also be included in the multiroom system. Let the whole family enjoy your playing skills. It is also possible to create a surround system with the MusicCast 20 and MusicCast 50 via MusicCast Surround. Completely wireless, except for the power connections.

Controller app

If you go for the surround trick, you can use two MusicCast 20s for the left and right surround channels respectively. Or go for the MusicCast 50 and let both channels come out of one compact speaker. All MusicCast components are easy to manage and configure thanks to the corresponding controller app. In short: quite a flexible system with which you can set up a surround system in no time, for example with a sound bar and the wireless speaker(s) mentioned above. And at the same time, multiroom options are available throughout the house. The only ‘disadvantage’ is that you have to use everything from the same brand to make it work properly.

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