Advance Paris presents the X-i1100

Advance Paris

Advance Paris has released the new X-i1100 amplifier, a stereo copy that puts up to 220 watts per channel on the clocks.

The new Advance Paris X-i1100 is a classic stereo amplifier. Per channel it delivers a maximum power of 220 Watt in 8 Ohm. You can connect two loudspeaker pairs; one set can be bi-wiring if desired. Five line inputs are provided, one of which acts as a symmetrical XLR. In addition, thought has been given to a phono input and no less than eight digital inputs: AES/EBU, USB-B, 2 x S/PDIF coax and 4 x SPDIF optical. Internally, a DAC from Burr-Brown with a maximum quality of 24 bit / 192 kHz takes care of the digital to analogue conversion. The power supply consists of a black 700VA toroidal transformer, which is armed with a flattening capacity of a total of 60,000 uF after rectification.

Class A up to 45 Watt

The Advance Paris Xi-1100 runs up to 45 watts in Class A mode, then switches to Class AB. The device has a sleek appearance, with large analog VU meters with blue backlight at the front. The Xi-1100 costs €3490. The Dutch importer of Advance Paris is Servi-Q, and they have reserved a page on their website for the newcomer. At the time of writing, the amplifier could not yet be found on the manufacturer’s website, but that will probably change soon.

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