Apple may work on modular headphones


Well, it’s still a rumor but it seems Apple is working on new modular headphones.

Apple is, of course, best known for its in-ears. But they seem to have some over-ears as well. But not everyone is happy with these. An over-ear is still a popular way to consume music. That’s why Apple has it in its assortment and – as we read in this article by Bloomberg – is working hard to develop new models. It would be a premium model and a fitness-focused version. The former with imitation leather and the latter with lighter and breathable material.


What is particularly striking about the (rumours surrounding the) newcomers is the fact that they are said to be modular. Both auricle and headband are magnetically linked to the frame. So in principle they become replaceable parts, something that will make the EU happy.

Some other details: the Apple over-ears would have Bluetooth 5, Siri compatibility and touch-sensitive controls. There hasn’t been any official announcement from Apple yet, so we’ll have to wait and see if the rumours are true. However, it doesn’t sound very strange to us. And don’t forget that a lot – consciously or unconsciously – is being leaked by manufacturers. To tease the buying public, so to speak.

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