Arcam releases Auro-3D update for receivers


Owners of an Arcam AVR10, AVR20 or AVR30 AV receiver can download a firmware update that supports Auro-3D.

Auro-3D is a 3D audio system that is very similar to Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Sony 360 Reality Audio. Auro-3D also adds a ‘high’ channel. With a practical difference: you do not need to drill into the ceiling to hang speakers there. In Auro-3D it is sufficient to the speakers that the height channels to reproduce simply slightly above the rest of the speakers to position. The disadvantage is that the system only works from a 9.1 (up to 13.1) setup, so you have less speakers to place. The new firmware update Arcam has prepared for the AVR10, AVR20 and AVR30 makes it possible to play content encoded according to Auro-3D.

Auro-Matic up-mixer

Meanwhile there are several Blu-ray films that use the surround system. But also – as we can see on the website of the developers – games. And it is used in cars. If you don’t already have Auro-3D content, Arcam uses the ‘Auro-Matic up-mixer’, which converts content to the system. In short: if you have one of Arcam’s mentioned devices, the new firmware brings some extra functionality!

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