Audio Magic presents Premier Ultimate fuse

Audio Magic

Audio Magic has released the Premier Ultimate fuse. And again – just like its predecessor – beeswax was used to counteract resonances.

Although the developer of the original Ultimate fuse of Audio Magic thought it could not be improved, he says he succeeded. The result is the Premier Ultimate. For example, there is now ‘Black-Out’ and SHD padding which, according to the manufacturer, provides improved noise reduction. Add to that the ‘Full Wave i-Core Technology’ and an improved nano streaming process and you’ll see that a special part is waiting for you.

Improved sound quality

What it all comes down to is that the Audio Magic Premier Ultimate fuse should provide more detail, transparency and dynamics. If you want something other than a standard fuse, you pay €299 for the Premier Ultimate.

Just take the original fuse out of a device and replace it with one from Audio Magic. Of course you should pay attention to the correct parameters of the fuse you buy. It would be a shame if the newcomer dies immediately after installing and switching on your device. Or that your device breaks down because a fuse that is too slow or strong.

On the manufacturer’s website the new fuse could not yet be found at the time of writing, but that will probably change.

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