AudioQuest Niagara 3000 low noise power distribution


Mains power is nowadays rather polluted with HF noise, the AudioQuest Niagara 3000 ‘low noise power distribution system’ offers a solution.

That mains power is polluted with all sorts of ‘rubbish’ should not come as a surprise in the year 2020. Switching power supplies, (pc’s, LED) and all sorts of radiation (3G, 4G, 5G, GSM… wifi…) – cause a lot of disturbances. So a good mains filter will always come in handy. The Niagara 3000 from AudioQuest is one such device, with a power distribution system. In other words: you will find a battery at the back of the device. Two of these are intended for high power; they can handle a peak load of up to 25 ms of 55 Amps. Even if the Niagara 3000 is connected to a 15 A fused group. Furthermore, there is the gound noise dissapation systemen. Patented by AQ. This should significantly reduce ground noise, without compromising safety or causing ground loops.

Filters and security

The Audio Quest Niagara 3000 is actually the smaller and more affordable brother of the 5000 and 7000. You will therefore find the vast majority of the technology used in these devices. Such as Level-X linear noise dissipation, which according to the manufacturer guarantees the most consistent and broadband noise reduction achievable. And without the multi-node peaks found in many other AC power conditioners.

Consideration has also been given, for example, to overvoltage protection that protects your connected equipment against excessive mains voltage peaks. An automatic reset ensures that the outputs receive voltage again. This protection is activated at a value that is about 17% above the optimal input voltage. The AudioQuest Niagara 3000 costs €2999.

AudioQuest continues

It goes without saying that the Dutch AudioQuest has had to submit to the restrictions imposed by the government, we read in a press release from the manufacturer. A large part of the staff works from home. Fortunately, there are also some people working in Roosendaal, Netherlands. Among other things, they take care of shipments, but also the manufacture of custom cables. They work in shifts, keeping the required distance between people. However, it may take a little longer for your order to be processed in these difficult times. The Niagara 3000 is expected to be in stock from mid-May.

First orders that have already been placed will be processed, soon after that the device will have to be shipped to distributors. And eventually end up in the shop. More information about the power distributors on the website of the manufacturer.

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