Clearaudio Groove Care record cleaning fluid


Records are made of vinyl, and that material attracts dust particles like a magnet. Regular cleaning with, for example, this Clearaudio liquid is therefore no superfluous luxury.

The soft cracks and pops are part of the vinyl charm. But on the other hand, it shouldn’t spoil the musical fun. And that risk is present if you play records a lot, in the ‘open air’ this medium attracts a lot of dust particles. So giving your records a wash once in a while is necessary. You can use a special record washer for this, of which Clearaudio has several in its assortment. And, of course, the corresponding cleaning liquids. Including a new one, for the more price-conscious record lover: Groove Care.

Choose the desired quantity

By the way, Groove Care is not only suitable for Clearaudio’s own record washers, but also has to work well in combination with other brands. In all cases, dust, grease marks and other dirt must be removed. And a freshly washed record produces less cracks and pops, which is always pleasant.

Groove Care is available in three quantities. You pay €25 for 0.5 litres, €40 for 1 litre and €90 for 2.5 litres. By the way, at the time of writing, the liquid can not yet be found on the manufacturer’s website, but at least it can be found on the Facebook page.

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