Contest Live Stream multitest headphones

Live streams are fun. Multi tests are also nice, and fun to do. And what if we combine that with an ‘appropriate’ contest to win some nice stuff? Then you get a big party! Well: let it be the case that it is also Easter (well… almost…). Reason enough to throw a party, isn’t it?

What is there to win?

Together with Dune Blue we’ll give away an EarMen TR-Amp + Meze 99 headphones. In short: a very nice price!

What do you have to do for it? Very simple: answer the questions below and send your answers via the contact form to us! We will pick a winner and come back to him or her.


Question 1: From what country does the brand Meze come from?

Question 2: In 2017, Meze made a very daring prototype version of the ’99’. From which special material was it made?

Question 3: Why should you win?

Live Stream Headphones multitest


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