Dali Menuet SE, or Special Edition


Special editions of (for example) speakers are always fun. And so it is interesting to hear that Dali has released the Menuet SE.

The Dali Menuet SE is a special version of the regular and popular ‘standard’ Menuet. The sound quality of the SE is al little bit bette. And the SE also comes in a brilliant new finish. Each speaker from the Danish manufacturer has been hand assembled, tested and finished by one and the same employee. When also the final quality control and inspection is finished, the SE is provided with a brass nameplate. This also includes the name of the Dali employee who assembled the loudspeaker.

Improved parts

The deliciously compact Dali Menuet SE features a 4.5-inch woofer and 28 mm soft dome tweeter. The chosen finish for the special version is Wild Walnut Veneer, made from a mix of – how could it be otherwise – walnut wood. It ensures that the look of every SE is unique, no two pairs look the same. However, a set is composed of loudspeakers with a finish as similar as possible. In terms of technology, the crossover filter has been upgraded to include Mundorf capacitors.

The circuit board of the same filter is made of a material with extra high electrical insulation. You will also find Dali Epicon connections on the Menuet SE. Finally, the voice coil of the woofer is made of fiberglass, which according to the manufacturer should lead to minimal mechanical losses and distortion. Curious to see what it looks like at Dali’s factory? Then check the Alpha Audio report of our visit there again!

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