Dolby On now also available for Android

Dolby On

Dolby On – rolled out for iOS last September – is now also available for Android. Record high quality sound without background noise.

If you – as a hobby or pro musician – suddenly get a lot of musical inspiration, there’s not always a recording studio at hand. Recording over the phone is an excellent option, but the end result often sounds a bit, well… limp. The free app Dolby On makes this kind of spontaneous recording a lot easier to do. Before a recording starts, you need to be quiet for three seconds, so a profile of the ambient sound can be made. This is effectively filtered out after the recording.

Portable recording studio

But Dolby On is more than just a noise filter, it also adds more stereo space. Furthermore, Dolby’s own dynamic Equalizer is applied to the recording.

An editing mode has also been thought of, allowing you to fine-tune the effects. Cropping a recording is also no problem. All in all, it’s a very nice app that can be used by anyone who wants to make a quick recording on the go.

And not only is it possible to record sound, video recordings are also possible if desired. And that makes this tool very useful, for example, for a YouTube recording on location. For lovers of better sound: In the settings you can specify that you only want to save uncompressed recordings – in terms of sound. This will of course cost a lot more storage space, but it is possible.

In short: lots of possibilities for a free app!

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