JCAT ultra low noise PSU and Xtreme Edition USB card


The Polish producer JCAT has released an ultra low noise power supply. It also released the Xtreme Edition USB card for audio applications.

The JCAT Optimo 3 DUO is an ultra low noise linear power supply. They are designed to be connected to the JCAT USB and NET cards, or any other application that ‘pulls’ up to 3 Amps. The standard version provides a supply voltage of 5 Volt, on request variants with an output voltage of 9 or 12 Volt are also available.

You will find two independent and galvanically isolated outputs on this power supply. Six (i.e. twelve in total) LT3045 ultra low noise voltage regulators are used per output. According to JCAT, it provides a perfect DC voltage at the outputs, where the noise level is not measurable (< 2uV). The solid 100VA transformer is magnetically and electrically shielded. Sealing with epoxy resin guarantees a whisper-quiet operation. The housing has also been optimised for the quietest possible operation. As far as connectors are concerned, Furutech and Neutrik have been chosen. Finally, short circuit protection, current limitation and protection against thermal overload are provided. You pay €1500 for the JCAT Optimo 3 Duo, which includes free worldwide delivery.

Clean USB card

Also new from JCAT is the Xtreme Edition USB Audio output, a PCIe expansion card for desktop PCs. Here, too, you will find a linear power supply as well as an extremely accurate oven-controlled OCXO oscillator with a deviation of only +/- 5 ppb. The power supply on this card is also based on the LT3045 regulator. The low latency – low noise ASM3142 USB 3.1 controller should ensure a spotless data stream. If you want it, an external power supply (such as the device mentioned above) can be used for an even cleaner whole. The card works under Windows, Linux and macOS. The price is €800 and that again includes free worldwide shipping.

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