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Meze Empyrean

This Friday – so 10-04-2020 – we will do a multi-test with headphones and headphone amplifiers. Maybe also a few DAP’s to make it even more interesting. This test will be performed live on our Youtube channel. Just subscribe to the channel to get an occasional notification when we’ve posted something new. But for this Friday: hook up around 10:00 CET to watch this interesting multitest!

We love multitesting at Alpha Audio. This time we take headphones and headphone amplifiers. We have wriitten down all the candidates for you below.

We will measure and listen to all headphones in advance. Then we want to go through all models with you in the live stream. What are they good at? How comfortable are they to wear? How do you fit them in the system? In short: a complete overview with measurements and opinions. And if things go well and the test setup works, we will try to give you an idea of what it sounds like. But that’s subject to certain reservations.

Headphone amplifiers

  • Neve Fidelice
  • Viva Egoista
  • Feliks Audio Euforia Gold

Up to 500 euros

  • Meze 99
  • Hifiman Deva
  • Hifiman Sundara

Between 500 – 2000 euro

  • Hifiman Jade II
  • HEDD Phone
  • Hifiman Arya

Between 2000 – 5000 euro

  • Hifiman HE1000se
  • FIR M5
  • Meze Empyrean

Between 5,000 – 10,000 euros

  • Hifiman Susvara


We also have a little present for one of our viewers. What it is and what you have to do remains a surprise! You will hear that during the live stream.

Until Friday 10-04-2020

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