Live Stream multitest – Paradigm Persona B, Kudos Audio 805, Focal Sopra No1

Kudos Loudspeaker

Next Friday – April 24th 2020, 10:00 CET – we are going to do another live test. A trio test. The Focal Sopra No1 versus the Paradigm Persona B versus the Kudos 505. Three Titans. For powering them, we use our trusty reference system.

We have another wonderful multitest to do with you. This time three Monitor Titans!

We use our reference system for powering them. This consists of a Pass Labs XP-12 preamplifier, Bryston 4B SST3 power amplifier a set of interlinks from Grimm Audio, mains and speaker wiring from Audoiquest and filtering from Kemp and Isotek. We hope you connect next Friday at 10:00 CET!

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