Live Stream multitest – Power Conditioning

Audioquest, Torus Power, Shunyata and Kemp. We are going to test four power filters for you. On camera with a sound stream so you can hear for yourself what it does. So make sure you have good headphones!

The stream starts Friday, April 17, 2020 at 10:00 CET. We try to finish it well before lunch. So count on about 90 minutes for this multitest. If all goes well of course :-).

The candidates

  • Audioquest Niagara 3000
  • Shunyata Hydra
  • Torus Power TOT Series
  • Kemp PowerStrip 8plus

All filters are equipped with a solid mains cable supplied by the manufacturer to keep / guarantee the synergy. Please take this into account.

In this multitest we test both the high-current output and the source outputs. We use our well-known reference system for this multitest.

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