Marshall Uxbridge Voice smart speaker


Marshall has released a most charming and versatile smart speaker, where the cleverness is provided by Amazon’s Alexa. So, it will arrange ‘everything’ for you.

Marshall has of course become famous because of the well known guitar amps. But it makes some small ones as well now. And headphones of course! The latest and greatest is the Uxbridge Voice.

This compact speaker can handle streams from your (home) network, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect. Furthermore, Amazon Alexa offers a listening ear for all your questions. Thanks to the sophisticated ‘far field array’ microphones, Marshall believes that speech recognition is even possible with loud playing music. And you don’t have to stand in front of the speaker to make yourself understood. If you do not need a listening Amazon: you can turn Alexa off as well.


The Marshall Uxbridge Voice is multiroom capable. When it comes to pairing, you can choose between AirPlay 2 or the Alexa method. It is also practical that you can use the accompanying Marshall Voice app to set equalizer settings to your own taste. For a more coarse control, you will find bass and treble controls on top of the speaker. The Uxbridge Voice is available in black and white and should be available at the time of reading. The speaker has a price tag of €199.

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