MOON announces ’40th Anniversary Edition System


Anniversaries of manufacturers all too often result in a special anniversary product. MOON is no exception!

MOON celebrates its 40th anniversary this year and we will know about their celebration. The manufacturer has announced the ’40th Anniversary Edition System’. The next few weeks will slowly reveal the details. What we already know is that the system consists of special versions of the 680D streaming DAC and the 600i v2 integrated amplifier of the brand. Each of these MOON models will be given a special colour on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary. This colour finish should be modern on the one hand, but at the same time be a discreet wink to 1980. In other words, the year of birth of MOON (by Simaudio).

Very limited edition

According to MOON, the anniversary system should delight listeners with its revealing audio performance. However, not many people will get their hands on this special edition. It is in fact only a very limited edition of only 40 pieces. The devices will be shown for the first time at this year’s UK Hi-Fi show on 19 and 20 September. Provided it will be held of course. And otherwise there will probably be a nice online unveiling ceremony somewhere, we guess. Further details and price information are still missing. Keep an eye on the MOON website (especially the news page). And you can read more about MOON in this interview.

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