Nordost creates matching tone arm cable for VPI


When VPI needed a new tone arm cable, it went for a chat with Nordost. The result was a collaboration that led to the Weisline-series tonearm cables.

Is a correct word? We’ll not go there… What it is all about in this case, is that the cable is meant to transfer the output of the turn table cartridge to the phono preamplifier. The problem is that we are talking about very small and interference sensitive signals, so a good shielding is vital. The new Nordost (VPI) Weisline-series tonearm cables (we keep using this term for a while, although you may call them phono cable as far as we’re concerned) have a twisted pair structure. According to the manufacturer, this avoids crosstalk. Left and right channels are each equipped with their own shielding. In addition, silver-plated earthing cables run parallel to the signal cables.

Choose from three lengths

The signal cables themselves are made of 4 x 28 AWG solid core OFC copper. At both ends of the Nordost Weisline’s you will find  gold plated low ground plugs. The price of all this beauty depends on the length. The cheapest version of 1 meter costs $600, for 1.5 meter you pay $700 and for the longest version of 2 meters you have to pay $800. So for the true vinyl lover.

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