Nubert 45 years, time for limited nuVero 140


Anniversaries, they’ll always a reason for some extra fun. If only because of an anniversary product that goes with it. Like this Nubert nuJubilee 145 (based on the nuVero 140).

On the occasion of the 45th anniversary the German Nubert has released a limited jubilee edition of the nuVero 140. The name is the nuJubilee 145. There is a ruby red front coupled to a black housing. And of course there is the specific sound tuning of Nubert. In fact Nubert already presented this jubilee version in January this year, but it sold out so fast that there will be a second chance. And in fact it was also the nuJubilee 45, a smaller bookshelf speaker based on the nuVero 4. This time it is a full-fledged floor standing model.


The Nubert nuJubilee 145 is a 3.5-way loudspeaker. The idea is that you use the speaker – which by the way has a price tag of €2145 each – mainly in combination with high quality stereo systems. Or as front speakers with a surround system. And apart from the sound quality, the speakers definately stand out thanks to that red front and glossy black lacquer.

Internally, you’ll find four 180 mm longstroke bass drivers, a 26 mm tweeter and two flat diaphragm midrange drivers, each 52 mm in diameter. The frequency range of the whole ranges from 25 to 25,000 Hz. Last but not least: the nuJubilee 145 Van Nubert is only sold in pairs.



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