Okki Nokki One, third generation record washer

Okki Nokki

The Okki Nokki One (we didn’t come up with that name either) is already the third generation record washer of this manufacturer.

Let it turn! That is very logical for vinyl of course! Yet over time it collects a lot of dirt and dust. The Okki Nokki One is a – completely – redesigned record washer. Striking is the double-walled design, which makes the machine a bit quieter than its predecessors. The streamlined air supply also contributes to this.

Set with accessories included

The Okki Nokki One is very simple to operate; only one button is available. Well, that button has several functions, but still. A built-in suction arm can handle LP’s, singles and maxi’s. An arrow meter shows how much cleaning fluid is still available and whether it’s time to refuel again. Supplied with the Okki Nokki One are a large and small record holder and a record clamp with label cover. Singles can also be made to fit and furthermore, thanks to the also supplied 1 litre cleaning liquid, you can immediately start washing.

A goat bristle brush and a power cord complete the package, for the whole you pay €499. More info on the site of the manufacturer.

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