Qobuz pays artists 100% first month


Professions like musicians who need to interact with audiences are having a hard time right now, Qobuz offers help.

Most of the artists’ income nowadays comes from tours and concerts. Now that such activities won’t be taking place for at least the next few months, this profession is being hit hard. The music streaming service Qobuz is trying to alleviate the suffering a bit. If you buy a subscription to the French streaming service now, Qobuz promises to transfer 100% of the revenue generated by your subscription to artists.

50 million tracks

Qobuz offers 50 million tracks in CD quality (FLAC 16 bit) and hi-res audio in 24 bit resolution. And now that we’re all supposed to be indoors for the most part (or at least in the home environment), a music subscription comes in handy. Just for a background tune during work. Or to relieve mental distress when you can’t sit around with all those housemates frolicking around you 24 hours a day. Put on your headphones and Tune out. It really helps, distancing yourself from the daily worries. Even if only for a moment.

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