sBooster now also available in 24 Volt version


The well-known ‘clean’ high-end power supply sBooster is now also available in a 24-Volt version. And that’s good news for owners of Rega turntables, for example.

A power supply that provides a stable and clean output voltage is the basis of any high-end installation. And although many manufacturers fortunately pay attention to this essential component, this is not always the case. Most of the standard mains adapters that you still find with many equipment, for example, do not exactly meet high-end specifications. Upgrading the power supply – if external – is therefore worth considering.

sBooster now has a new one with an output voltage of 24 Volt (almost) ready for you. In fact, the new one was announced last year at the High End in Munich. The delay had a lot to do with the strict requirements that the manufacturer set for the power supply, so that time and time again improvements were invented.

24 Volt and 16 Volt

The sBooster is based on an over-dimensioned toroidal transformer. Behind it, we find a power supply circuit that already has plenty of breathing space. sBooster also has a sturdy filter, which particularly takes care of annoying HF disturbances.

We have also thought of an excellent protective housing, which is particularly useful when used in combination with a turntable. The sBooster is available as a 24V version as well as a 16 Volt version and costs approximately €300. For more information, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

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