Sommer Cable Hicon Screw&Play plugs

Sommer Cable

You’re not a hero with the soldering iron, but you want to assemble your own plugs? Then the Hicon Screw&Play series of connectors from the German Sommer Cable comes in handy.

Not everyone is equally gifted with soldering skills. If you still want to save money and assemble your own cables, Sommer Cable is the solution. Their new Hicon Screw&Play series connectors don’t need a soldering iron to make a good connection. A screwdriver is all you need. Fast and efficient of course! A nice bonus is that the manufacturer also supplies the corresponding cables, which results in a kind of ‘one stop shop’.


The Sommer Cable Hicon Screw&Play connectors are available in RCA version for audio purposes or in BNC form for video applications. They are quite affordable, as the RCA version costs €19. For this you get a connector with a hard, gold-plated central pin that can withstand a lot of plugging and unplugging. Each plug comes with a white and red ring, which makes it easy to ‘encode’ the cables you produce.

According to the manufacturer, the cable is a perfect match for their cable types TRICONE-XXL/ (300-0271), SPIRIT XXL (300-0071), CLASSIQUE (300-0117) and CORONA (800-0079). In short: nothing stands in your way to put together some audio cables yourself. A lot of skills are not necessary thanks to the screw connection.

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