Sony PlayStation 5 without Atmos: better alternative


Slowly but surely Sony is starting to reveal details about its PlayStation 5 scheduled for later this year. For example, we now know that Dolby Atmos is missing.

Instead of Dolby Atmos, Sony seems to opt (for the time being?) for its own surround system. Instead, the game console sends out ‘native 3D’ sound, using the newly developed Tempest engine. The advantage, according to project leader Mark Cerny, is that Sony’s own system can handle much more than the 34 speakers that Atmos can handle. We read that in an article by Whathifi; enthusiasts can also find out the other unveiled specs of the system there.

New standard?

Of course, Sony is not exactly a small player on the AV market. And it makes a reflective person wonder if the manufacturer isn’t developing a new standard for surround sound. After all, if it works in a PlayStation soon, it will undoubtedly be able to be implemented in other home cinema equipment as well. For the time being, that’s hard to say. In the meantime you can also ask yourself cautiously whether that PlayStation 5 will be available at all by the end of the year due to the increasingly strict measures surrounding the corona crisis. And whether people will have the money (for it) by then.

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