Thorens introduces the TD 202 in high-gloss walnut


The TD 202 is the second turntable in the Thorens lineup, after the TD201; an entry-level turntable. It is now also available in high-gloss walnut, in addition to the already existing high-gloss black.

Both the Thorens TD 202 and TD 201 turntables are belt drives with electronic speed control (33/45), as well as a switchable Phono (MM) preamplifier. Both players stand firmly on their feet and have a nice dust cap with decent hinges. The finish of the players suggests a higher price. The TD 202 has compared to the TD201 a larger console, a better pick-up element and a USB output.

Until now the TD202 was only available in high gloss black. Thorens now launches a second variant on the market; high gloss walnut. This high gloss walnut is available from now on for a selling price of €599. The TD 201 has a recommended retail price of €449 and is available in high gloss white and black.

Thorens analogue since 1883

Thorens, founded in 1883, is the oldest audio company in the world. She had her heyday in the 60s and 70s. Every hi-fi lover knows the classics as the TD124, TD150 and -160. Many of those players from that time still work. Thorens still develops and produces high quality turntables. But since the takeover of Thorens two years ago by Gunter Kürten, the old times revive with players like the TD1600/1601 and the TD 124DD. These players go back to traditions that once made Thorens great, but with the insights and technology of today. Thorens is still alive and kicking today and can look forward to an ever-increasing popularity.

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