VPI: From record players to much needed hand soap


Instead of turntables, VPI temporarily switched to the production of hand soap. It is given away free of charge to anyone who needs it.

These are strange times. The corona crisis is getting bigger by the day and the economic consequences are less and less predictable. Yet companies are still far from all down. VPI is even showing its positive side. The manufacturer of high-end turntables has temporarily switched to the production of hand soap in large quantities.

COVID-19 has led to battlefields in supermarkets, drugstores and so on, and we all know that something as basic as (hand)soap is suddenly hard to come by. VPI actually got the idea to make hand soap from a customer. He half jokingly shouted that if he didn’t have any soap, he would use the manufacturer’s plate cleaning liquid.

Clean hands desperately needed

So it’s a great initiative, which hopefully will result in a lot of clean hands. Especially in the US the corona epidemic seems to get more out of hand than elsewhere. Any help to prevent infections is therefore more than welcome there.

By the way, VPI announced the action on its Facebook page, where you will also find some pictures of the bottles of soap. By the way, the production is only intended for the US and is distributed there free of charge.

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