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AKu Audio: speakers from a distant future

AKu Audio

The speakers of AKu Audio look like they come from a distant future, or at least from another galaxy.

Speakers usually look like speakers. But AKu Audio proves that that doesn’t have to be the case. This manufacturer has five véry ‘unstandard’ speakers in its range.

The flagship Enarghia looks most traditional. This is a 3-way five-compartment floor standing loudspeaker, is an active loudspreaker. The most exotic looking system is undoubtedly the Talos (see picture above). According to AKu Audio, these speakers bring studio quality music to the living room. It is a 3-way floorstander, this time with four compartments. Choose one of the available colors to make them stand out.

Commas, dots and more

The ‘comma-shaped’ Ichor is – according to AKu Audio – one of the best near/midfield monitors in the world. Their design will brighten up just about any modern interior.

The ?erix is intended for (smaller) home theatre and desktop setups. You can choose from 2.1, 5.1 and 7.2 systems.

And finally there are the spacey balls, or Drop. You could interpret them as extraterrestrials (or a home for them). But they really are speakers, the entry-level speakers of the manufacturer to be precise. You can have them delivered in any colour you want, and there are also four standard colours available. You will find all systems in full glory on the manufacturer’s website.

And in case you’re wondering where all these exotic names come from: most of them can be found in Greek mythology, google them.

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