Apple Music appears on Samsung TVs

Apple Music

Although Samsung sees Apple as a deadly competitor, they can’t live without each other. And ‘so’ you can now listen to Apple Music via Samsung TVs.

The Apple Music app on Samsung televisions is not only unique because it appears on devices of this particular brand. It is the first time that the app appears on a TV of any brand anyway. Previously, music-only enthusiasts had an Apple Music subscription attached to a mobile app, or an Apple TV set-top-box.


Samsung had actually already paved the way a little bit for the integration of the Apple Music app. After all, the devices could already handle AirPlay 2, another Apple proprietary technology for wireless transmission of sound and multiroom. So you could already stream music from, for example, your smartphone to the TV.

Now that same TV can play stand-alone music via Apple’s paid music streaming service. Apple Music is immediately available for Samsung smart televisions. Well, if you have one from 2018, 2019 or 2020. And these are in fact the same apps that support the Apple TV app that was rolled out earlier. This now completes the streaming fun for Apple users. Provided you own one of the listed TVs, of course. But then you really don’t need anything else when it comes to watching both video streams from Apple and listening to music from the same stable.

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