Campfire Audio Ara in-ears with seven drivers

Campfire Audio

What at least stands out about the new Campfire Audio Ara in-ear is that no less than seven balanced drivers are deployed.

The American Campfire Audio has released the new Ara in-ear ((see picture above this article). And that is immediately the most striking copy of the lineup for 2020. The very special caps have a housing of titanium. In it you will find seven balanced drivers. To be precise: two for the treble, one for the midrange and four for the bass. This Ara will cost you $1299.

And also a flagship

Campfire Audio has released more new models besides this topper. There is the Andromeda, for example, which has been refreshed for the first time since its launch in 2016. Among other things, it features a new solid-body internal acoustic chamber. And according to the manufacturer, this should provide more detail and clarify vocal presence. With this in-ear you get a matching green coloured case of cork and you have to pay $1099 for it. Finally, there is the flagship (for 2020 then) of Campfire Audio, in the form of the Solaris. Equipped with four drivers, this refreshed version is 20 percent smaller than the original model. Entirely in black, the caps are equipped with 3D printed acoustic chambers. The accessories have also been renewed: you now get a ‘Super Smokey Litz’ silver plated copper cable with earhooks. And also with these caps you will find a cork pouch, this time in brown. The Campfire Audio Solaris comes with a price tag of $1499.

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