Deezer permanently lowers HiFi subscription price


Deezer reduces its HiFi subscription permanently in price, to €14.99 per month to be exact. And any price reduction in these annoying times is of course welcome.

Streaming audio is nice, but still not super-cheap. Certainly not when it comes to lossless streaming. Than the prices quickly skyrocket because of added bandwith.

Deezer has cut some prices if it comes to lossless streaming in cd-quality. You now pay € 14.99 for the HiFi subscription of this audio streaming service and that new subscription price is effective immediately. With this subscription you will have access to 54 million tracks in CD quality, or: 16 bit, 1411 kbps. And that applies to all devices that can work with Deezer, including things like your smartphone, tablet, computer, various multiroom speakers and hi-fi systems, streamers and so on.

360 by Deezer

It’s also nice that by subscribing to Deezer HiFi, you get access to 360 by Deezer. This is a separate app that makes it possible to experience music in 360 Reality Audio. And that is a music format developed by Sony. It is intended for ‘immersive’ sound (the English term immersive sound sounds better than the Dutch variant for some reason …).

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