Dual CS 458 now with integrated phono preamplifier


Dual has recently released two new turntables, one of which – the CS 458 – is now also available with built-in phono preamplifier.

Dual is a very old acquaintance when it comes to turntables. New in the range there are the CS 465 and the CS 458. Of the latter version the CS 458 EV is now also available. It has an MM-phono preamplifier built in, so you can connect the player directly to the line input of any self-respecting amplifier. And that’s quite handy, because a lot of modern amplifiers no longer have a phono input. Though that tide has been turning a bit lately.

Floating sub-chassis

The Dual CS 458 EV is a fully automatic. The tone arm is equipped with special wiring inside. According to the manufacturer, this should not only guarantee an excellent sound, but also a resistanceless movement of the arm. The arm itself is made of carbon fiber and can handle cartridges with a half-inch connection. The base or skirting of this Dual consists of MDF containing a floating sub-chassis. The tone arm, turntable and the auto-mechanics are attached to this. Furthermore, the string-driven player has a DC motor with electronic speed control. The Dual DS 458 EV costs €589, available in matt black and wood look.

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