Dutch VPRO starts with the Bobcast, looking for Bob Dylan


Tomorrow The Bobcast will start, a series of podcasts made by the VPRO in honour of Bob Dylan’s eightieth birthday.

Whether you love Bob Dylan’s music or not, the fact is it’s one of the big names in pop history. And now that the good man is turning eighty, that might be a moment to pay attention to. In any case the VPRO does that, by means of the podcast series De Bobcast, about which we posted an extensive article earlier. Tomorrow it will start!

Dutch link

The VPRO highlights all sorts of aspects of Dylan in De Bobcast. It will be in-depth. And don’t forget the ‘Dutch link’: ‘At the same time we try to answer the question of how Dylan also influenced the Dutch cultural landscape. How are musicians like Ernst Jansz and Henk Hofstede, or Tim Knol and Lucky Fonz III, influenced by him? What is his role in the oeuvre of grand artists such as Freek de Jonge and Herman van Veen or an actress such as Monique van der Ven, publisher Wouter van Oorschot or presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk? Why does Halina Reijn resort to Dylan to fight her stage nerves? What inspiration does the Auxiliary Bishop of Den Bosch draw from his work? ‘, according to the VPRO press release. The Podcasts can be downloaded from http://vpro.nl/bobcast as of tomorrow.

For the sake of completeness: the illustration above this article comes from Peter Pontiac, who also has the copyright.

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