Electrocompanite presents ECI-6D(X) MK2


The Norwegian Electrocompanite has released fully refurbished versions of the ECI-6D and ECI-6DX, now with the addition of MK2.

Actually, the new Electrocompanite ECI-6D MK2 and ECI-6DX MK2 are the well-established offspring of the ECI 6DS that was released about seven years ago.

First we look at the most extensive version, the ECI-6DX MK2. Here you will not only find a power amplifier with a power of 2 x 200 Watt (in 4 Ohm), but also a preamplifier and streamer. Via Ethernet or Wifi you can listen to hi-res streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify. With the also improved app for iOS you control the whole in an efficient and satisfying way. Bluetooth has also been considered, so if you still have that smartphone in your hands, you can stream sound wirelessly directly from that device.

Everything in one or pure analogue?

On the Electrocompanite ECI-6DX MK2 you will find four line inputs, one of which is symmetrical. There are also five digital inputs, so you can go in any direction. If you are looking for a classic analogue integrated amplifier, then choose the Electrocompanite ECI-6D MK2. This one has no digital frills on board, it’s really pure analogue. The ECI-6D is €1400 cheaper than its big brother. Which brings us to the price tags. The ECI-6D MK2 will cost you €5599, while the Elecrocompanite ECI-6DX will cost you €6999.

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