Illusonic releases revolutionary Clarity 3


Adapting sound to the listening room requiers a special knowledge. A kind of knowledge Illusonic posesses. Meet Illusonic Clarity 3!

Until now, DSP-based room correction according to Illusonic was limited to spectrum adjustments. Or, in special cases, such systems could counteract the earliest reflections. Disadvantage was that this trick was limited to a small piece of the room, a sweet spot for example. Illusonic Clarity 3 takes a completely different and revolutionary approach. The software reduces reflections in such a way that the end result sounds like multiple absorbers – bass traps – have been installed. And not only in a small area, but for the whole listening room. Among other things, it should lead to drier bass and higher accuracy, also in the high frequencies. The technicians among you can download a pdf here which explains exactly how it all works.

For all IAPs ever released

All IAP’s of Illusonic ever released (since 2012) support the new Clarity 3 software. The free firmware update called IAP 8.0 is ready to install. Besides the mentioned Clarity 3 the update brings a number of new things with it:

  • Improved remote tuning; Illusonic can listen to your system through head-tracking headphones
  • There is a ‘talking display’, specially designed for the blind and visually impaired
  • Immersion (immersive) has been further improved
  • Improved precision of many DSP parameters (delay is now sample accurate)
  • iOS remote control app support (via Raspberry Pi)
  • Improved multi-room and multi-zone support
  • Improved automation via RS232 and network (via Raspberry Pi)

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